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Ab 89 3 ergebnisse «day room» Brüssel Gresham Belson Hotel Brussels Verfügbarkeit Pläne: Available services with or without rooms : Day-Use Exclusive rates / Day Rooms in Brussels, Bruxelles Since 2003 the Gresham Hotel Group has re-branded it to the Gresham Belson Hotel with continuous. Amongst trunks, period pictures and furniture from the time of transatlantic liners, you will find your luxury, comforts and beauty. Ulm Minster is technically correct but not common. Group29 ( talk ) 20:03, (UTC) Agreed, the article should be moved. Salle de bain ouverte sur la chambre avec douche et bain. ( talk ) 18:08, (UTC) OK, this seems fine to me, although I would be interested in where Professor Oggins got his figure. The building "looks like" a Cathedral, but it is not. BTW, there is a nice German television broadcast explaining to children how to measure the height of the steeple. The church is a a very rich parish church, begun as a Roman Catholic and converted to Lutheran when Ulm voted for Reformation. The general rule is to use the common English denomination for titles, and for what I've read above that is probably 'cathedral or eventually whatever 'münster' means. The bottom line is, I can't fix this! Anyway, I suspect that a upper level of the Washington Monument might be considerably warmer and more comfortable, but then, maybe I'm wrong!

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It also features a hairdryer and a safe. However de:Münster (Kirche) is Minster (church). What is it, I wonder? If all structures are taken into account, even the Eiffel Tower has been finished before Ulm Minster. Or is there any official source for 160.9 metres? Start, this article has been rated. High, this article has been rated. Also, two sources that are already cited in the current version of the article ( Emporis and Structurae ) mention this height. Or maybe it was done by a surveyor using an oggilite (or whatever you call.

Suda, 34 zimmer B 307 Alexandra, 23 zimmer B 310 Alina, 28 zimmer B 311. 11H00 - 17H00 Réservez en journée à l'Hotel Baume - Paris. Vivez en formule Day-Use, le Coworking Rive Gauche au Baume, dans une ambiance luxueuse et conviviale. Oggins is a professor at suny and his book is a serious treatment of the history of cathedrals. I don't think that heights to the centimeter are given for most large structures, probably for this reason. Although it is generally called a cathedral, this is not technically correct in an ecclesiastical sense, because no bishop sits there. Already, with "Ulm Münster" we have done some localization of the putatively sacrosanct proper name (it should be Ulm er Münster.) So why not localize full heartedly and go with Cathedral, as in my proposal above? I was not 'closing' the discussion, I was aiming to clean the redirect page at 'Münster' so that a non-admin could later do the move, after you finish discussing. They use a very simple measurement technique and get 161.47 metres. The hypothetical German speaker might say "Münster" or he/she might say "Cathedral the question afterwards is whether they were using conventional English or not. 11H00 - 19H30 140 Suite Secret Suite A masterpiece of taste that becomes an authentic temple of love, a pleasant surprise to be totally experienced as an unforgettable memory of your stay in Genoa. Ab 135 4 ergebnisse «day room» Paris. So please change it into the correct specification "Ulm minster"! Judith M-S ( talk ) 13:45, (UTC) I want to ask once more if we could change it now. An editor changed this to 161.53 meters, sourced to a tourism site, here.

Herostratus ( talk ) 00:08, (UTC) Very good! Once references have been added, please remove the unrefyes switch of the. Services: coffee, tea and herbal teas for free use, a welcome kotenlose porno reife omas porno bottle of water, minibar, safe, air conditioning, personalized complimentary toiletries, slippers, bathrobe. This article lacks sufficient references and/or adequate inline citations. In the process I left the page there as it was the leading option - and one that sounded fair. Il est composé d'une salle de kotenlose porno reife omas porno bains avec kotenlose porno reife omas porno une douche à l'italienne; d'un salon; d'une chambre en mezzanine avec une literie haut de gamme (160x190 oreillers et couettes en plumes avec des draps en satin de coton; d'un bureau et d'une méridienne. According to Google, Ulm Münster is a bit less common than Ulm Cathedral but the results include alternate spellings such as "Muenster" and "Munster." In addition, Münster is simply the German word for minster and doesn't have a meaning in English or an article. Matthead Discuß 01:38, (UTC) Certainly; I was just wondering if the discussion of whether 'Münster' should be translated as 'Cathedral' misses a nuance if we're talking about a specific instance. There are big buildings, small buildings and very very big buildings. ( talk ) 09:01, (UTC) OK, but how do you know Oggins is wrong? There should be a common solution for all German churches containing "Dom" or "Münster" in their name.

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Andy und Jana aus Münster.

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Booking through our services, customers can get up to 70 OFF regular night prices. Rooms are equipped with indulgent and plush bedding and an oversized photomural. Calling the Ulmer Münster a cathedral, and then explaining immediately that it isn't one. This article has been marked as needing immediate attention. WikiProjects : This article is within the scope. Bed type preference and room location cannot be guaranteed, as it will be allocated upon arrival subject to availability. I assume it means the city of Ulm, so this should be amended. The problem is that even proper names get localized all the time, to make things clearer and more vivid to users of the local language. Hamburg stundenhotel stundenhotel aachen stundenhotel aachen stundenhotel bremen hotel für stunden berlin stundenhotel hannover bahnhof stundenhotel hannover hannover flughafen stundenhotel stundenhotel hamburg achern stundenhotel stundenhotel in hamburg stundenhotel köln bahnhof stundenhotels münchen stundenhotel ulm stundenhotel nürnberg hotel frankfurt stundenweise stundenhotels hamburg stundenhotel hamburg hauptbahnhof stundenhotels.