Mimi und käthe michelle and friends

mimi und käthe michelle and friends

See also Barbie or Jem clones. Joseph Kallus, 19131980s Campbell Kids Dolly Dingle by Grace Drayton; various makers Canadian dolls Candi and Fashion Candi by Mego, 1970s Candi Girls by Hamilton Design Systéme / Integrity Toys Candi Girls by Hamilton, 199498: ml ml m 199598: ml Candi dolls by Integrity. 1950s1970s dolls 1980s dolls: ml Campbell Kids 1980s Growing Hair Girl, 1980s: ml ml Lorrie Walker 1984 Eugenia Doll. Alexandra Koukinova, Russia, 1990s m ml ml m m Examples, limited editions Marysya, photo Alexandre, Henri; (HA or Phénix Alice in Wonderland dolls by various makers Allied / Allied Eastern / Allied-Grand / Allied Imported (AE 1950s1970s Alma., 1920s1930s Allwin dolls, England, 1920s1930s. Nasco Creations National Institute of American Doll Artists (niada) ml See also Bullard, Helen; (founder). Ml Star Wars dolls by Hasbro, 1998 Queen Amidala 1998: ml Royal Elegance: m Return to Naboo: m Ultimate Hair: m Qui-Gon Jinn 1998: m Star Wars 12" dolls by Kenner, 1978 Stashin Doll., see Ginny look-alikes Steiff felt dolls Steiner, Hermann; Germany, 19111920s. P ml m ml Max Steel by Mattel, m m m m Mayer / Alan Jay / Bonnytex dolls, 1950s1960s McCall mark, see Betsy McCall McCutcheon Raleigh, Jessie McDonalds 1976 dolls, see Remco McDonalds (McD) Happy Meal dolls by various companies, 1991 American Girl paper. See also Polly Pocket. See also Dazzle.?glamgalindex ml m/glamourgals/ TV ad: m/watch? Bettie Page doll: m Candi Girls 199498 Handwerck, Heinrich, 1876 Handwerck, Max, Hanover House, distributor, see Walda Hansi dolls by Jean-Jacques Waltz, France,.

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Plastic Molded Arts (PMA) dolls, 1950s1960s Plasty / Airfix dolls, 19641980s Play Along / Jakks Pacific ml A*Teens: m Britney Spears Cabbage Patch Kids Play Along Club by Mel Birnkrant 2007 Sky Dancers, Dream Dancers 2007 Trolls Play Along Club by Mel Birnkrant for Play. See also Playskool 1920s to 1970s dolls 1980s to 2000s dolls: ml Aimee 19 Cabbage Patch 1989 Charlies Angels 197778 Charmkins 198384 Cutie Clothes 1958 Dolly Darlings 196568 Flower Darlings 1968 Flutter-byes 1973 Flying Nun, The; 1967 GI Joe 1963 Hugabees, JC Penneys catalog 1976. Treffeisen, Ruth Trego Doll Manufacturer, Tressy, Cricket (Toots or Snouky) Mary Make-up, Trio Doll. Fulla by NewBoy Toys Razanne by Noor Art My Beautiful Doll by Hasbro 1989 m My Buddy dolls by Hasbro 1985 and Playskool 1990s About: m/my-buddy-dolls/ Hasbro 1985: m Kid Sister: Playskool 1990s: m TV ads, video My Child / My Loving Baby by Mattel. 1950s1970s Ellis, Joel; see Vermont Novelty Works. This blog also includes links about cleaning, collecting/buying, identifying, packing, photographing, repairing, and selling dolls on eBay. Royal, 1950s Gi-Go dolls, 1990s. (Baby Aliens Belonging to You) by Hasbro, 1988 m Baby Alive by Kenner, 1970s Baby All Gone by Kenner, m/2007/02/08/my-baby-all-gone/ p?memID3127 ml Black doll: tml Baby Barry Toy., 1950s Baby Dear by Eloise Wilkin for Vogue Dolls Baby dolls, antique vintage Baby Face.

mimi und käthe michelle and friends

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M#list m/wiki/Polly_Pocket McDonalds Happy Meal dolls Fashion Royalty by Integrity Toys, 2001 m m tml m Takeo (Asian male) FayZah Spanos / Precious Heirloom Dolls, 1986 m ml mimi und käthe michelle and friends Kayla 1995: ml FCM, Fibre-Craft Materials Corp., 1996 The Springfield Collection Feigenspan, Bettina. Play by Play, 1996 ml Hook-Ups 2001 Playmates Toys, Inc., 1980s ml Amazing Amanda Corky: tml Cricket 1986 Disney Princesses Duff, Hilary: looking everGirl 2005 Fairies of Cottingley Glen 1997 Jill: tml Strawberry Shortcake The King and I: ml The King and I, Magic Dancing. Text, research indexing by Jen, tree*fern Doll websites spanning antique to vintage, plus 1980s to current 1980s dolls and toys ml m tml Small doll types: m a A H Manufacturing, 19481960s Abbott,.B. Ml m m TV ad: m/watch? Hasbro, 1988 m/ tml Rite Lee dolls. Shoes, 1950s Fairy Lane dolls Family Company, 1998 Shes Like mimi und käthe michelle and friends Me/Its Me: ml Family Corners (6 by Mattel, 1994 m p?StoreID2 CateogoryID49 Face close-ups: m Famlee multi-head doll by Berwick, Famosa Dolls, Spain 19681986/89 / Mecca Toys 2000 Nancy, Lucas, Lesly, 1960s2000s Nighty Nite Baby. P?id329 m/ylh2ajj m/ykofw8l Goodyear Rubber dolls, 1851 Goodyear Toy., Googly character dolls, antique and vintage Goth-style dolls BeGoth by Bleeding Edge, 2003 Little Apple dolls, Living Dead by Mezco, 2000 Susie Sad Eyes, vintage Gotz dolls (Götz or Goetz catalog: m/yfalssm About / history. 1953 Artist dolls About: m British Doll Artists Association: /BDA/ Canadian Doll Artists Association: / National Institute of American Doll Artists (niada ml Original Doll Artist Council of America (odaca http www. See also Aurora by Tonka. Fr., see Dressel Kister, Kitchen toys kitchenware, doll-size Kley Hahn, Kling,.F.; Germany, Klumpe felt dolls, Spain, 1950s1970s Knickerbocker (KTC) dolls, 1925 Knoch, Gebruder; Konig Wernicke (Koenig Wernicke Germany, Koukinova, Alexandra; 1990s KPM (Königliche Porzellan Manufactur 1840s1860s Krueger, Richard.; cloth dolls, 19071950s Kruse, Käthe. (Toys R Us 1990s m Reborn dolls m/ p?id280 Buying: Discussion board: m/ Guide Making reborn dolls: m Recknagel, Theodor; Germany 18931930s Regal Doll Corp., Regal Toy. G Gabbigale by Kenner, 1973 Gabriel / Hubley, 1970s1980 Lone Ranger and Tonto, 10" Cut and Grow: ml ml Gali Girls, Jewish dolls by Carpatina, 2004 m About About, brief Galoob dolls / Louis Galoob (GTI or lgti) ( Hasbro 1980s Anastasia: ml ml Always. ToylineID1917 Language Littles bilingual dolls, 1999 ml La Nicette cloth dolls, France, 19241940s Lanternier Cie, Limoges, Laramie dolls, 1960s Lastic Plastic, see Horsman Latexture, see Mannequin dolls Latin American dolls Lauer Toys, 1990s Water Baby (Waterbaby ml m Lawton Doll. M/ 197685 dolls fashions: m p (scroll down) 1970s90s nrfb, sorted by item code; some European; incomplete list: m 1980 catalog pages: ml 1980current Collectibles: m/shop/decade/1980/1984 1980s1990s dolls fashions: m (Not organized nor complete, but shows some Barbie, Ken, Skipper Stacie fashions.) 1980s2000s dolls fashions. Wright Toy., 1960s Bed dolls, see Boudoir dolls,. John Wright, 1976 x X mark in a circle, circle X dolls, 1950s1960s Xena: Warrior Princess by Toy Biz, ml Checklist and photos Roman Xena 1999: m y z Zanini Zambelli, Italy, late 1940s 1970s: m 1980s: m 1991 Sears catalog Zapf Creation, 1932. Claire: m Fashion Polly by Mattel, 1999. See also Dawn and Starr Model Agency. M ml m m/ ml About: m ID by mold numbers: m Super Model Club: m 6" Compact Jenny (music) Jesmar Dolls, Spain, 1980s Black dolls Jewish dolls, see Gali Girls 2004 Jill, Jan Jeff by Vogue Dolls, 2007 Joan Walsh Anglund dolls Jody,. Smith, American Character / American Doll Toy American Doll., American Girl by Pleasant Company ( Götz ) / Mattel 1986 m/ ml m Buying on eBay, guide Cleaning, hair care, restringing, rewigging Comparison, pre-Mattel. Odaca.org/ Oshkosh, see Eden Osmond dolls (Donny, Marie, Jimmy) by Mattel, Osmond, Marie / Marie Osmond Dolls / Charisma, 1991 m p?id259 p px? Julie Good-Kruger, 1980 About: Little Prophets: ml Goodreau Dolls 2005. See also Barbie, modern. S., papier-mâché dolls Susi by Estrela Brazil, 1960s Susie by R D Fashion Dolls, 2003 m m m ml New York Nights Susie Sad Eyes by Rosenburg (Hong Kong) / Funworld / Whitman Susy by Creation Distribution Ltd. 1930s Adams, Emma; see Columbian dolls Admiration Doll. Furniture playsets, inflatible: By Zee / Zylmex, 1980 Generation Girl Hallmark ornaments : m/28qntu Halloween dolls: ml Happy Family 200205: m m tml ml Checklist: ml Face molds: m (scroll down) Midge: m Heart Family 198590 : m tml Face molds: m Toddlers: ml Hispanic. Blooming Dolls by CapToys, 1987 m Blossom Doll., boudoir dolls, 1920s1930s Bluebird Toys / Origin Products / Mattel Polly Pocket Blue Box Toys (BBI) dolls/action figures ml Cy Girls Perfect Body Flower Kids ( Cabbage Patch clone tml Blythe by Kenner BND, see British. Bisque china dolls, Heubach, Ernst (Heubach Koppelsdorf) (Köppelsdorf / Armand Marseille) Heubach, Gebrüder, bisque head dolls Himstedt, Annette; ml 1991 Sears catalog 2002 dolls, about 2003 dolls, about 2006 Atlantis Collection: p?id75 Photo gallery Black dolls: ml Care tips: m Closing business, about Collectors World.